Summer Hats for Men

Summer sun is really harsh and you don’t want to get sunburned, so that a sun hat is the best way to protect you from the glaring sun and make you as cool as possible. Are you still looking for a perfect sun hat for shading you? Sun hats include straw hats, baseball caps, bucket hats, fedoras, and trucker hats and so on. So you may feel difficult in choosing the best sun hat, here we have listed several best summer hats for men. They not only protect you from the burning sun but also they will make you look stylish and add a classy vibe to your outfit.

We should focus on sun protection when choosing a sun hat. The features of a good summer hat for men are comfortable, lightweight, and the most important point is to provide excellent protection from the sun. Besides, the brim can shade your face, eyes, ears and neck is an essential in a good summer hat, the wider the brim, the better the protection.

Summer Straw Hats

Straw hats are very common in summer. They are called the number one hat style for summer. For one reason, straw hats are hand-woven from natural straw or synthetic straw. They are lightweight and comfortable, and they look very trendy. Moreover, they provide good protection from the sun while keeping your head cool. There’s nothing worse than a headache caused by heat that builds up from an unbreathing hat. On hot summer days, a straw hat can keep your head cool, so that you can relax and enjoy the good time. The most popular straw hats for men are fedora or the Panama hat. The unique design of fedoras and Panama hats leave some space on top of your head, which increases the effect of breathing and cooling.  

Summer Dress Hats

Dress hats are worn with your suit. Men usually wear a suit to attend some informal or formal occasions, like party and wedding. Or they just wear them as everyday dress. If you like to wear a smart casual or more formal outfit, dress hats are the best option for you. Dress hats are more formal and they cannot be matched with sportswear or other extremely casual clothes. As dress hats are often made of wool or felt, they are not suitable for wearing in the glaring sun. It must be very hot and your head will feel uncomfortable. So you need to choose a lightweight and breathable dress hat, pairing with your decent suit.

Bucket Sun Hats

Bucket hats are very popular in 2015, while they are still favored by many fashionable people. A bucket hat can be matched with most of your summer causal wear. It is made of lightweight and breathable material which will keep your head cool, plus it is packable so that you can stuff into your suitcase or your handbag. Bucket hats with small to medium sized brim that enough cover your face and eyes. They are used in many outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, fishing and more. The bucket hat look cool and stylish, it is perfect for summer!   

Men’s Stylish Bucket Hat

When choosing men’s bucket hat, the styles and functions are always taken into consideration. Some men don’t care too much aesthetics matters, as long as the hat keeps the sun of their face and block the glare running into their eyes. While other men think a hat as an extension of their overall look and their main concern is its style that makes him look great.

If you want a bucket hat that serves a sun hat beyond style, because you have to spend a long time in the sun, it is difficult to find the right hat in good ability of blocking the sun while also fit with your style. Men usually use a hat when hiking, camping, fishing, and canoeing or any other activities that will need them spending long time outdoors. That means you will expose to the sun for long hours and you may sweat a lot. Therefore, a sun hat is the easiest and cheapest way to protect you from the sun and block the large amount of heat.

You should choose a sun hat from these three aspects. First, it can keep the sun off your face and neck. Second one, it should have good breathability for keeping your head cool. Third one, it should wick away the sweat; otherwise, the sweat will run into your eyes and neck.

If your work needs you spending long hours at outdoors, a sun hat is a part of your equipment. If you are a farmer or a surveyor or a field researcher or others who work in outdoors, you must do good sun protection for yourself. Bucket hats with mesh holes and sweatband would be better for sun protection. A washable bucket hat is good for those who are lazy to wash it by hand. What’s more, a washable bucket hat has good waterproof function that it can absorb moisture and it also can protect you from the rain. The bucket hat made of washable material is easy to be preserved, it will keep in better shape even it’s folded.

A sun hat is mainly used for sun protection, so that it may not keep you dry in the rain or warm at night. You will need different headgear for your different purpose. Therefore, a bucket hat can not only protect you from the sun but it also can keep you out of the rain. Though the bucket hat comes in a variety of material, you can choose a hat that is suitable for this season. In summer, you can choose the bucket hat in nylon or polyester, while you can choose a hat made of cotton or denim in winter.

Most people will choose to go to the beach or swimming pools to enjoy sporting events or to stroll on the city streets. Hence, you need a sun hat for sun protection. You can wear a hat during leisure time. At the very least, you won’t be completely exposed to the sun and your eyes won’t be stung by the sunshine. When choosing a stylish sun hat, your first consideration should be its ability to block the sun, and then its appearance and portability.

Bucket Hats for Men in Summer

Are you still worried about the hot summer, and whether you are looking for the current popular headwear, a headwear accessory that can help you resist the hot summer sun and let you pose at any time? The bucket hat will undoubtedly fulfill both of your needs. The bucket hat is a casual headwear for your outfits and a hat that can be worn every day. You can also choose to wear this hat for hiking or fishing. There is no doubt that they are the most common casual hats for people in their daily life. Many bucket hats may have the same structure, but they are completely different in quality and appearance.

In order to help you choose a hat that you are satisfied with from the variety of bucket hats, following I will recommend several casual bucket hats for your everyday wear.

If you want an easy-to-wear hat that fits your style and can be matched with all your everyday outfits, a black bucket hat might be a good choice. This bucket hat is made of pure washed cotton with solid color and plain black fabric. The brim of the hat is wide enough for the sunny day. It can protect your face from the hot sun and its UVA and UVB rays.

It is made of high quality cotton and it is soft and comfortable for you to wear. It is also very breathable and suitable for wearing in a hot summer day. You can easily roll up this bucket hat and put it into your bag. In addition, this hat is well made with exquisite workmanship which makes it sturdy. All the lines on this bucket hat have been carefully stitched to add more durability to the hat. Because of its high-quality materials and the sturdy construction, this bucket hat maintains its perfect shape even if it used for a long time. Last but not least, you can fold the hat and put it in your carry-on bag.

If you like a bucket hat with a short crown and fits your head, then this one is for you. Thanks to the solid color, you can easily match this bucket hat with your casual outfits and everyday wear.

This bucket hat is soft and smooth. It is also very light and comfortable for you to wear. The headband of this bucket hat is made of pure cotton, which absorbs sweat even in the hottest summer days to keep your head cool and dry. You can easily fold the hat and pack it into the bag so you can take it with you when you travel. The structure of this hat is very sturdy, and it will remain the same shape no matter how many times you wear it or how long you wear it. It will not be deformed even in the wind.

Although bucket hats are similar in design, they vary in styles, materials and colors. You should consider these factors in order to choose the best bucket hat that suits your style and preferences. A bucket hat is definitely a must-have summer hat.

Different Styles for You to Wear a Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is definitely a must-have sun hat in the hot summer. It’s fashionable, trendy, not to mention its functionality, versatility and easy to wear. So there is no reason for you not to buy for yourself a bucket hat in the summer.

Although the bucket hats share the same design, still they are different from styles, materials and colors. Some bucket hats have a higher crown and others have a wider brim. You should consider these in order to choose the one that suits you best.

Bucket hats for men have different styles which include casual style, street style, handsome and smart style and so on. It can be easily worn by all people, men, women and kids. It can be worn for various occasions as well. You can see men wearing a bucket hat in various occasions. Although different men wear a bucket hat may have different looks and styles for their clothing are various. Here I would like to suggest you some styles that you can try with your good bucket hat

Casual style:

The most common way is to match your bucket hat with your normally casual wear, because it’s casual and it is great for your casual everyday wear. Since it comes in a variety of colors and styles, you can try to make some changes or modifications when you match the bucket hat with your clothes.

In the summer, for example, you can go with a simple white T-shirt, combining casual shorts with a plaid bucket hat. It is so cool to match these with a nice bucket hat. You need to pay attention to the color of the hat. To be the safe side, you can choose a hat that is not too fancy. Although this hat is plaid, the plaid is much more understated than those with floral prints. And it can be matched with a lot of clothes, such as men’s short sleeves, shorts and jeans which are very casual and comfortable. If you think the bucket hat is too fancy, you can also use it to match your solid colored clothes.

Street style:

If you want to create a bolder, more unique look than just your casual style, see how you can blend your bucket hat with your street-styled clothes. With this style, you are free to try the hat with different colors and unique patterns.

Remember, no matter what colors you are wearing the bucket hat, in order to make you look fashionable and stylish, make sure the color of the hat still matches with the color of your clothes. This blue bucket hat goes with dark-green knitwear, plus casual pants with a pair of white shoes. It is suitable for you to shopping or hanging out with friends.

Smart style:

Finally, you can even wear a bucket hat with your smart outfits. Some of you may suspect wearing such an informal hat with smart and formal clothing may be discordant. Of course, if you put an informal hat on a less formal dress, you should choose a plain solid bucket hat without patterns. The best choice is a black or white bucket hat. The black bucket hat matches with black jacket, plus a pair of suit pants, it is not disharmony but complements each other.

Ways to Wear a Cool Bucket Hat

Are you looking for a hat to keep your eyes out of the sun and to protect your face from harmful UV rays; or to keep you cool in the hot summer; or you just like the hat and want to wear it? A bucket hat is not easy to be matched with your clothes if you want to be fashionable.

The bucket hat can become annoying for it has many different shapes, styles, colors and ways of being worn.

The bucket hat is arguably going to be more popular than ever this summer and here are some ways you can match the hat with your daily wear.

  • Floppy white bucket hat

If you do not want a hat with a wide brim that may hide your face, this floppy bucket hat is the perfect choice for you. The bucket hat is made from washed cotton and it is very soft and packable, you can fold it and put it into your bag. It has solid-colored fabric. The hat is white inside and outside, paired with a white T-shirt, and a pair of ripped jeans plus a pair of casual sneakers, this outfit is very casual. In addition, a pair of sunglasses and necklaces can add a different feeling to your overall look. The white T-shirt may look a bit monotonous, but wearing a necklace and sapphire blue sunglasses, which looks very chic. Men who pursue fashion and hip-hop style can choose to dress like this. The softness of the hat makes it comfortable for you to wear.

  • Classic black bucket hat

Most men prefer black clothes because they are more resistant to dirt, so that their most clothes are black, and even the shoes are black as well. Men who prefer black will definitely choose a black one when they wear a bucket hat. They think that only in this way can they show their manliness. Some people think that their outfits are all black: black shirt, black pants, plus a classic black bucket hat, which has no bright spots. While others might think this kind of matching is not dim, but it makes you stand out from the crowd. This dress looks cool and is perfect for men who like to keep a low profile.

  • Beige bucket hat

The beige bucket hat may not seem conspicuous, but if it’s paired with the suit, it can create a stylish man image. Don’t assume that the bucket hat can only be paired with your daily casual wear. It can also be paired with your formal clothing. In terms of its colors, you should choose a light color instead of the bright color, because the color of your suit is originally in the color of black or blue. If you match them with a bucket hat in the bright colors, you may make a joke. This beige bucket hat is light-colored, and paired with this dark blue suit and a knit shirt. The look is sober with a hint of casual feeling. It makes you look less formal.